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Our sea soughs like forests, our forests rustle like the sea!
Come over and see what the Green Maiden in the Dundaga Castle is doing, listen to the pleasant sound of the Livonian tongue, to the soughing of the sea and the rustle of the forests, and the tinging of the church tower bells. Greet the crocodile of Dundaga, take a nap in the shade of a mighty oak and climb up the Slītere lighthouse. Smell the scent of pines and junipers, count the old-fashioned wooden fences in Livonian villages. Taste the traditional carrot pie and smoked flounder, and dance till you drop at the annual Kolka fishermen party.
Cycling route «Baron bōgans» Ecotourism route visiting nature and historical objects: the centre of Dundaga - Liepniekvalks caves - biologic farm «Jumari» (rest, lunch, getting acquainted with the farm) – Valpene stone pyramid – Kubalu school-museum – «Būdeni», the native home of the crocodile hunter Arvīds Blūmentāls – degustation of the Latvian national dishes: dižrauši pies and pūtelis in «Jaunsniķeri» farm – original trees, stones – returning back to Dundaga. The road covering: asphalt, gravel, different forest roads. Skatīt
Kubali school — museum The oldest log school preserved until nowadays in Latvia (the 19th century). The arrangement of a classroom, the chimney, a renovated fence and paths for walks. Skatīt
Pāce wool processing factory Pāce is the only place in Kurzeme region where wool is processed and the only place in Latvia where the complete wool processing process is implemented. Skatīt
LIVONIAN VILLAGES Route leads through old Livonian fishing villages, Slītere National Park and sea. Skatīt
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