«Jaunemari», guest house, a recreation centre at Dundaga
A guest house and a recreation centre (a sauna, a swimming pool, rooms for parties) in the centre of Dundaga. Skatīt
«Apartamenti Dundaga XXL», recreation centre at Dundaga
Accommodation «Dundagas pils» (Dundaga Castle)
Accommodation in the ancient and modern centre of the Northern Kurzeme, in the castle which is 800 years old and about which there are a lot of legends. Rooms for parties, conference rooms, exhibitions, tastings, excursions. Skatīt
«Pasaku namiņš», holiday house and «Jūras sapņi», guest house at Dundaga
A log house with a sauna, a swimming pool and a fire—place. Guest house and cafe «Jūras sapņi» — advance booking required, located approximately 400 m from the centre of Dundaga. Skatīt
«Pūpoli», guest house at Dundaga
A modern country-side house near Dundaga. For guests there is a separate house with a sauna and a room with a fire-place. Tours for groups with a vehicle GAZ-66. Rent of 2 bicycles. Skatīt
«Annes», holiday house at Pāce
A log house of total area of 140 m2 with a sauna is located on the banks of Lake Pāce and Lake Baložezers only few meters away from the water. Available for living in winter and summer. Skatīt
«Ziedkalni», holiday house at Dūmele
A holiday house, fishing of carps, SPA treatments, rent of 8 bicycles, near the bicycle route «Along the Great Sea and the Small Sea» and on the shore of the former lake (which has been among the biggest lakes in Kurzeme). Skatīt
«Jaunklāvi», countryside house at Sīkrags
A countryside house located 250 m from the sea, a kitchen, a washing machine, a sports field (at the seaside), a playground for children, tent places, a place for picnic. Skatīt
«Kastulgi», holiday house at Mazirbe
The holiday house is located in Mazirbe, Kurzeme region, near the sea. Skatīt
«Stūrīši–Branki», holiday houses at Mazirbe
600 m to the Great Sea. Accommodation, a room with a fire-place, a sauna, excursions, Livonian meals, a collection of ancient Livonian household items. Skatīt
«Jūrmalnieki», camping at Mazirbe
Camping site with equipped cabins, tent sites, areas for recreation and entertainment, interesting sights. Skatīt
«Vecvalgani», camping house (camper) at Mazirbe
A camper with all the utilities and tent places in Mazirbe, approximately 200 m from the sea and 100 m from the Livonian National House. Skatīt
«Kalēji», guest house and a summer camping at Mazirbe
A guest house and a camping 700 m from the sea. A sauna, a sports field, a tent field and connections for campers. Skatīt
«» camps, events at Mazirbe
«Jūvgumegi», holiday houses at Mazirbe
Sea house «Dzelmes», holiday house, family apartments and sauna house at Mazirbe
The Baltic Sea coast – Mazirbe, in the Slītere National Park territory. Skatīt
«Strautmaļi» camping at Mazirbe

Great place for relaxation and enjoyment of nature!
Center will be available from June 20  to September 1.

«Jauntilmači», countryside house at Košrags
The countryside house is located at Košrags, 400 m from the sea. Two rooms are offered to guests. There is a sauna in a separate building near the house. Smoked fish can be ordered. Skatīt
«Pītagi», a holiday house, camping and holiday cottages at Košrags
800 m from the sea, a camping with six 4-bed cottages (beds with buckwheat filled mattresses), a holiday house with 4 rooms, tent places, rent of bicycles (10), 6 camper connections. Skatīt
«Pie Andra Pitragā», camping, cottage at Pitrags
Located in Pitrags, approximately 800 m from the sea. Rent of tent, camper and picnic places, rent of bicycles. Smoking of fish, sale, tastings for groups. A possibility to see various types of fences, a path for walking and fishing opportunities. Skatīt
«Pitraga Dūja», tent area at Pitrags
Season: May — September. Skatīt
«Vecvalki», holiday house at Saunags
«Zemeņlauki», holiday house at Saunags
A holiday house located 350 m from the sea. Skatīt
«Nītaigā», holiday houses at Saunags
«Purvziedi», camping bungalows and a holiday house at Vaide
The camping is located in Vaide, approximately 200 m from the sea, it offers tent places, 4-bed camping bungalows, a two-storey holiday house with utilities, a countryside sauna, fishing, picnic places, a sports field, as well as a visit to the collection of antlers found in the forests of the national park. Skatīt
«Saules mājas», a summer camping at Kolkasrags (Cape Kolka)
Overnight in barrel – shaped wooden cabins at the coast of Cape Kolka in the pine dunes. Skatīt
«Ūši», holiday house and camping at Kolka
The very end of  Kolkasrags (Cape Kolka). Sea waves just behind the fence. A separate apartment with a shower and WC for guests, tent places, bicycle rent, traditional meals and tastings. Skatīt
«Mežalauki», holiday house at Kolka
The holiday house is located in Kolka near the sea.
The holiday house has a balcony and terrace overlooking the garden. Skatīt
«Kolka» and «Vārpas», holiday houses at Kolka
Holiday houses are located in Kolka, «Mežmaļi», a few minutes from the sea.
This is a great choice for couples, young families and anyone interested in a peaceful leasure. Skatīt
«Dzintarkrasti», apartment at Kolka
The apartment is located almost on the shore of the sea.
The guests have a fully equipped kitchen available. The apartment has a living room, shower and balcony. Skatīt
«Vītoli», guest house at Kolka
Bed and breakfast in the very centre of Kolka. Lunch can be ordered - a garden grill.
Sauna and room for parties. Tent places. Rent of bicycles and walking poles. Internet, parking.
«Piejūras namiņš», camping at Kolka
Season: May — September. Skatīt
«Zīriņi», a summer hotel - restaurant at Kolka
Cosy hotel rooms with modern utilities 500 m from the sea.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner possible on the first floor. Quality time can be spent in the restaurant or on the terrace. Skatīt
«Pūpoli», tent area at Kolka
Located at the coast of the Gulf of Riga, just before coming to Kolka from the direction of Melnsils, not far from the highway. Tent places, home production - smoked fish. Skatīt
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