Antlers collection at Vaide «Purvziedi»
The collection of antlers collected by Edgars Hausmanis can be seen at Vaide «Purvziedi». Except a couple of antlers of roes, the items of the collection are not hunting trophies, they were found during the forester's and later the nature protection inspector's survey rounds in the forest. There is also an exposition devoted to the protection of nature. Accommodation at the camping and tents is available.

The first antlers of elks were found in the mid-1960-ies, there were no antlers of deer as yet. The construction of the attic floor was started in 1972 at a little corner for placing the antlers found until then. The construction continued later. It should be added that in the beginning the collection was not intended as a public exposition because during the Soviet times this border area was not accessible for tourists.

Now there are approximately 600 antlers in the attic of this house, including 337 antlers of elks and 127 antlers of deer.
There are also two unique chairs made of antlers, a lamp made of antlers, a stuffed boar and various stuffed birds.

122 antlers of elks burnt during the large forest fire in 1992 are placed in a separate section. There are also outgrowths of trees of various forms there, photos with secular trees located nearby and the specific landscapes.
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