Dundaga: from ancient times to nowadays
Live from Dundaga camera.

Dundaga has since long ago been the centre of the administration of the region of two seas with remains of ancient castle mounds and a Castle of the 13th century in the centre. The name of Dundaga is related to the broadest territory of a castle manor in the Baltics with 15 semi-manors extending up to the former Sīkrags port, shipbuilding places and Kolkasrags (Cape Kolka) lighthouses.

Dundaga is a regional centre also nowadays, and the Castle which is almost 800 years old is the venue for celebrations, weddings, tasting of local treat, convenient and cheap accommodations, changing and permanent exhibitions, unused opportunities and findings. In cooperation with the Latvian Medal Art Club — the only permanent exposition of medals in the Baltics.

The immediate surroundings are not rich in high mountains, however, proudly carry the name of Dundaga rise. Closer to both seas they are nicely concluded with a structure of the former glacier lake coast – Šlītere Zilie kalni [Blue Hills]. If one travels along the four biggest roads from Dundaga towards both seas, it is necessary to cross the terrain play of the majestic circle of Zilie kalni that can be easily noticed by everybody. Ancient river valleys, labyrinths of caves, places for mushroom picking, famous hunting fields can be encountered in the nature here. Also photo-hunting can be done both independently or with a guide watching insects, birds and animals. Dundaga secular trees present a high value, there is the second most important secular tree in the Baltic - Rīgzemju oak-tree, and the Money oak tree depicted on a money note in the Castle park. However, if you wish to restore your own forest and have a high quality supplement of plants for your own garden you should visit Dundaga arboretum offering 300 forms of decorative trees and bushes.
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