Goat milk products at the «Kļavnieki» farm
Beekeeping products at the Dundaga open-air market
With advance booking: tastings and possibility to buy the products. Skatīt
«The flavours of Dundaga» tastings at the Dundaga open-air market
Sklandrausis, pūtelis and big berry cranberry produce. Skatīt
Livonian meals at Mazirbe «Stūrīši - Branki»
Everything is ancient and genuine here! Livonian meals with advance booking and upon agreement. Skatīt
Traditional flavors of the Livonians at the «Ūši» campsite
Offers to taste «sklandrauši», «bukstiņ» poridge, as well as an insight in the history of industrial Kolka including the tasting of sprats. Skatīt
Organic farm «Jumari» at Valpene
Meals characteristic of a farmstead, herb tea. Introduction to organic farming methods. Walk in nature. Highbush blueberry is grown there. Skatīt
«Pie Pūpola» at Dundaga
Meals for gourmands: soup boiled on open fire, Dundaga cream and Užavas beer. Meals should be booked in advance! Skatīt
Vegetables, honey and honey products in «Ziedkalni» at Dūmele
A chance to taste and buy honey and honey products. Fresh honey and vegetables. Tastings and a tour around the farm. Skatīt
Fish smoking with Andris, at Pitrags
Smoked fish, tastings, a possibility to participate in fish smoking. Fishing possibilities! Skatīt
Seaside Treats at Kolka
Smoked fishes in «Dūmu namiņš Pūpoli» at Kolka
Smoked fish, tastings, a possibility to participate in fish smoking. Located at the coast of the Gulf of Riga, just before coming to Kolka from the direction of Melnsils, not far from the highway. Skatīt
Smoked fish at Mazirbes «Sudrabkalni»
A possibility to buy fish. Skatīt
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